Many people know about Sian, the tattooed Irish who is now among the kingpins of the cold and mental techno scene, just like Terence Fixmer and a few others. After a first album in 2002, a bunch of EPs and the creation of his label Octopus, he released Before Silence this summer, his new and pretty conceptual LP. But the cool part is that he even sent us a podcast for the occasion! No long biography to accompany this mix, here’s a small interview for a change, just enough to see what Sian has been up to recently and understand what’s behind his new album.

- Version Française -


Hi Graham, what’s up ?
Hello, I’m good thanks! Just woke up from a rather hard night out with friends actually! Midweek raving…

Your name has become very respected and well-known on the techno scene. How did you get into DJing and music production ? When did you understand that music was going to be your full-time job ?
Well I feel I’m only starting out to be honest, I’m still in the learning process. I began by hanging out around studios, then grabbing few hours of some « education » where I could, then proceeded buying my own setup and diving in. I always felt like I was going to make it my « career » whichever way I could, I’ve always wanted to live as an artist.

You recently released your first album, called Before Silence…What is the meaning of this title ?
It’s kind of a reflection on making something out of nothing, you know? Like what we do is create out of the void. I chose this title because it always meant something to me, I can’t be around silence, I need to have lots of noise and excitement around me.

Tell us about its format, which is quite unusual for a techno LP…How did you manage to build a coherent album out of very different tracks and parts that were not supposed to be on the same record ?
Yes it was an extremely difficult project to do, I took apart all my new tracks and re assembled them into one big piece, so now it runs like a live set or a DJ set, with all of my original material combined. I really wanted to try something new and take a different angle of approach. I had to find which sounds worked with each other, what tempos fitted etc, the 1000 loops and parts had to slot into each other like a puzzle.

The album features a lot of various remixers, such as Terence Fixmer, Carlo Lio or Xhin…How did you proceed for choosing them ?
I just collected a list of my favorite producers, contacted them and they all said yes! That was super encouraging because they are some of my favorite music people around today.

I know that you spent a huge amount of time on this album. In the end, are you completely satisfied with it or are there some things that you think could have been better ?
There is always the nagging doubts and no art is ever really finished I think, you just have to take it to the highest point you can and let it fly…

Why did you choose to stay in Barcelona and not go to Berlin for instance, where a lot of electronic music producers go ?
For me it can be a little bit stifling in Berlin, too many artists can be like too many cooks you know ? Barcelona has an energy and warmth that is very inspiring…The grey concrete of Berlin is nice to visit and play but I need the heat.

How do you feel about club culture in Ireland ? What evolution did you notice between today and, let’s say, ten years ago ?
It’s my hometown and I feel very strongly that it should be better, we have good venues but a real lack of creativity and ideas on the part of the scene and the club owners. The impending doom of the crisis may fix this, as in the early nineties when we had a scene to be very proud of!

Who are the artists you appreciate the most these times ?
I’m loving the ones that have sticked to their guns and not been pushed around by trends, especially in techno. I feel if you’re pursuing an art, don’t falter. It’s hard to name some as the scene is more about new music now than ever.

What can we expect from you in the future ?
For now i’ve been doing some remixes that were offered after the album, I have one for Mauro Picotto, one for an old Funk D Void classic and the first remix I have ever done on my own label, a new signing from Miami…As usual touring much as possible..And ofcourse working on some new ways to mess with the system!


Download here : (TAL058) Sian – 06.10.2011

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