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Hi guys, can you both introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your respective backgrounds ?
Hello, we are Peak & Swift, the residents of Wilde Renate. Jan (Peak) is taking care of most of the bookings at Renate, I am (Swift) doing all the graphics and promotions. And for sure we are also Djing a lot there.

As the main residents of the amazing Wilde Renate club, can you tell us about this venue and the whole concept behind it ?
Well…Renate is different from all the other places in Berlin, it’s really hard to describe but much easier to experience. But basically its a normal residential building which we transformed into the madhouse its been over the last five years. We have shitloads of crazy decorations everywhere, every room or dancefloor has its very own charm. Renate has really many floors and bars, all with different themes in music and decoration, thats why the partys there are so much fun because you always can follow your current mood and visit more relaxed floors or just hang out in cosy couches and of course go raving extensively.
This must sound like Renate is quite big, but in fact its really small, the dancefloors are former livingrooms, but we think thats very good because it gives you the feeling that you are on a private party which went totally out of control. We are also very proud of our crowd, we have never experienced so much understanding and fun in listening to maybe not so common dancemusic like in Renate.

Renate is also regularly organizing outdoor parties in Berlin which seem to have a lot of success, right ?
Yes, we do some much bigger outdoor events each year. The first this year was Renates Ferienlager, a 3 days festival at Müggelsee, directly by the lake in an old boyscout camp. It was a really lovely event…so many good memories (here’s a video)!
Some weeks ago we also made a one day outdoor event in Renates Garden at the club’s backyard. We had Nicolas Jaar and the whole wolf+lamb gang playing outdoor in the afternoon followed by a crazy party in Renate on Sunday night. This weekend we celebrated Renates five year anniversary, we started with an openair in our garden which was the last outdoor event of 2012. We invited our good friends from dOP, Mario&Vidis, Aquarius Heaven, and a lot of our closest friends to play and celebrate together.

Is it difficult to open a venue like Renate in Berlin nowadays ? How did the club culture evolve in this city during the last few years, and what do you think it will look like in the future ?
I think its for sure more difficult to open a new venue nowadays, laws and officials are much more strict now, so you need much more money to forefil the offical needs in the beginning. Also there are more clubs in Berlin than there had been 5-6 years ago, so its harder to find your audience and make sure there are enough guests every night. But if you have a good concept it should work now too, even if its not that easy anymore.
New venues like Loftus Hall, Prince Charles  and so on are running very well as far as we know. So many people from all over the world are coming  every weekend to party in Berlin, so there are enough people for everyone, which is really nice. There is a good connection between all the clubs in Berlin and a lot less competion than in other cities. We also think that wont change in the next years, because Berlin is now somehow the capital of techno. The only threat we see right now is the GEMA, a german organisation for music rights management, which is planning to rise the fee for clubs more than 1000%. This could be dangerous for most of the clubs and they will have to close if thats really happening in 2013. We hope there will be a reasonable solution soon! By the way there is a petition against the new GEMA reform, if you want to help you can sign it here.

During my trip to Berlin I realized that everybody there wants to become a DJ, start organizing parties or create a record label…Do you think that the city offers as much possibilities for these people as it did twenty years ago ?
Yes, we think there are good chances to do your thing if you really work hard on your skills. Its definitely not enough to buy traktor and call yourself a Dj. To become one it takes years of practice and knowledge of guiding people through your set.

You also have your own label called Renate Schallplatten, the first EP was released last month with an original track by Wareika and remixes by dOP and Acid Pauli…What’s next ?
Ah.. this EP was released last year, and more like a gimmik, because the track fitted so good to renate. But soon we’re going to make renate schallplatten a « real » label, the next EP will be released this autum. Its the second release of our fellow residents of Renate Samanta Fox and its a real acid burner called « Klaus You ». Watch out for this one. The next release will also follow this year, and it will be by Peak & Swift, finally!

What are your next projects as a duo and with Renate ?
Our own Music and the Label are the most important projects for us right now. Renate is in an ongoing process of constant changing and improving. Even we are surprised very often what the team is developing. There is not one week without changes…Also we want to do more Renate on Tour Partys in other Cities. The concept is to bring not just Djs to play abroad, we want to travel with our decoration team and even with our bar and door staff to bring the real renate feeling to different places.

Download here : (TAL090) Peak & Swift – 16.09.2012

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