It is well known that Berlin abounds with ultra talented DJs who are not necessarily recognized abroad. If it was possible we would feature them all with pleasure on Trace A Line, but the fact is that they are really reaaaally numerous, and that’s why we have to make a choice. For this brand new podcast, our choice fell on Nicolas Lutz: resident at the very respected Club der Visionaere, this Uruguayan-born DJ lives a rather atypical life. After spending the first 30 years of his life traveling between Montevideo, London and Sao Paulo, he finally decided to settle in Berlin where he found all the freedom and inspiration he was looking for. Surrounded by people such as Binh and Margaret Dygas, he took the time to develop his style somewhere between deep house and minimal techno, typically the genre you would hear in some Berlin afterparty. But hey, let’s just skip the biography and ask some questions directly to Nicolas instead.

- Version Française -


Hi Nicolas, what’s up today ?
Hey, all good! The sun is shining, just been a few days in Ibiza to visit some friends, that’s also where I recorded this mix for you…. So yeah, I’m happy and in a good mood today.

Could you introduce yourself and briefly sum up your career for those who don’t know you yet ?
I was born in Montevideo in 1980 from a Spanish mom and Uruguayan dad, I grew up skateboarding around the city…I moved to London when I was 18, and since then I’ve been living around searching for a place where I would feel free, comfortable and inspired to do what I like and live.
Otherwise I started going to this club called Matinee when I was 12…I didn’t understand what was happening there with the music that much, but I remember I liked the beat and dancing to that beat…Some years later an older friend I had took me to a proper techno party, and that’s how it all began. I got really fascinated by the atmosphere and the mystery of the party, crazy people around freaking out and dancing till the last minute, it was very intense! After that I started going out to every underground techno party happening in Montevideo, I loved it like I still love it today. The scene there was very small, and there was this French DJ called Bruno Gervais who was playing at almost every party in Montevideo. He was my first inspiration, he showed me how to trip with Music. He was playing everything from house to techno, electro, trip hop, trance, and it was simply amazing how he was combining so many styles in such an interesting way…Honestly i thank life every day for meeting that guy. At the time I had this friend from school whose father owned a shop selling big sound systems and DJ equipment, so he got a pair of turntables and a mixer. We started trying to mix some records he bought, it was much fun…so the interest and curiosity got bigger and we kept going to parties, we were really getting into it. Bruno also helped us a lot, it was amazing how everything started…When I moved to London I tried to take it more seriously though, I found a job and earned some money so I could buy more and more records.

You lived in many different places throughout your life such as London, Sao Paulo, Ibiza and now Berlin…How did you manage to travel so much, and what do you remember from each of these destinations ?
As I told you before I was looking for a place where I would feel really comfortable to live…I moved to London because I didn’t see much future in Uruguay for me, my mom didn’t either so she really supported me and encouraged me to move out. I was literally a mess, skateboarding the whole day, going to parties and playing some records with friends…These were the only things I wanted to do. Uruguay is a very hard place to survive, especially for a guy who left school early. At the time I never imagined I was going to work as a DJ or anything close to that, but I decided to go to London with a girlfriend I had at the time and try to survive there, and also to see the world a little bit…Then I got a job and enough money to buy records, I was very happy but after a few years London started stressing me a bit…I had to work harder and harder to pay the rent it was getting really difficult, and although I learnt a lot in this city I couldn’t stay there anymore.
Sao Paulo is a very important place for me, I’ve lived there for almost 6 years. In Sao Paulo I was able to start DJing for a living, I found myself traveling around Brazil almost every weekend to play music and meet amazing people, and I even got several residences in very nice clubs such as D-Edge. I have a big respect and a big place inside my heart for that city because it’s where my life took the right direction. Now I live in Berlin, I feel very free in this city and I have the chance to meet some great people from here. I sometimes need quietness around me, and I found my own peace, besides the nightlife.

You are now resident at the famous Club der Visionaere in Berlin, how did you get in touch with the people from the club and start working together ?
Because of some friends who were playing there all the time, they called me to play with them a few times so I met the owner and the crowd around the club. Shortly after I met Binh and Margaret Dygas who were organizing a party called NOON at CDV on Sundays, from noon to midnight. Two years ago they invited me to do this party with them, and they became some of my very best friends. CDV is my home, I have much respect and love for that place and for the people working there.

I don’t think you’ve ever released any music, are you interested in music production or do you stick to DJing ?
To DJ is my biggest passion, but yes I’m also interested in music production..I never did it because I really don’t like working with a computer, I love analog sounds so I need machines in order to make something. The way I like to make music is very expensive so I need to save some money. I already bought a few interesting machines and gear but I’m still trying to find my own sound with my productions, so hopefully I will release something soon.

Do you have any interesting projects coming up ?
Just keep doing what I do and playing the music I like, also keep having  fun with my friends. Otherwise I throw a party in Athens every second month at 6DOGS, it’s called Kill Techno Divas. I go slow with  »projects », I prefer to put my energy in today and the right things, you know.

Can you tell us about the mix you recorded for us ?
Honestly I don’t record much podcasts because I find it very hard to make 70 minutes mix and tell people something with it. I like records from all kinds and different styles so it’s sometimes a problem to bring them all into a solid mix. I think this one is pretty nice though, and hopefully the Trace A Line audience will enjoy it!

Download here : (TAL066) Nicolas Lutz – 11.12.2011

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