Small innovation today, as our 37th podcast mixed by Tim Green is delivered with an interview of the young English producer. This music globe-trotter has already been through many labels, from Dirtybird to Get Physical or Cocoon, with always the same success in the end. He nicely agreed to talk to us about his career, his projects and his influences in this interview, accompanied by an excellent set going from house to tech house, two hours mixed with perfect taste and technique. Perfect to dance till the « small hours of the morning », as the title of the mix suggests it.

- Version Française -


Hi Tim, can you introduce yourself briefly ?
Hi im Tim Green. A musician/producer from the UK.

When and how did you get into music production and DJing ?
About 4/5 years ago. I have always been a musician growing up, but got into producing and djing when I first heard electronic music. Daft Punk was what changed my life originally!

Fondation, Get Physical, Dirtybird, Cocoon, Trapez… While some artists release all their material on the same label, you’ve already released records on almost ten… Is it a choice or do you just take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you ?
Yeah its always something I like to do. I enjoy being varied and trying new things musically. So releasing different types of tracks on different labels is appealing to me. So far Im always changing my sound and direction. So I don’t know if there would be 1 label that could possibly cater for everything. Maybe there is, but still, I like to work with different labels. Is always nice working with friends and their labels too. But im not planning on releasing on many other labels now. I think before I have been finding my feet a little musically.

You seem to be quite close to the Get Physical family now as you are often part of this label’s gigs… Are you considering settling down on this label ?
Yeah I really love Get Physical….. M.a.n.d.y., DJ T etc… and everyone who runs GP. Is a really nice family of people. Is definitely a label I want to really focus on. But honestly I don’t think ill ever settle for one label. Even if I had my own label, I would not settle on it. As I said before, I prefer to work with lots of different labels. To always keep things interesting and work with new people. But again, im not planning to release on many more labels in the future.

What’s your opinion on all the hype that is currently surrounding labels like Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations, Wolf + Lamb, Visionquest etc..?
I think they are totally worth the hype! I love all the music these guys are doing. Really nice to have more musicality put back into underground music. Im always playing records from these labels. Plus all these guys have a great sense of humour and are really nice people. I think this comes across in the music also.

It’s been a while since your last release (apart from remixes)… Is there a specific reason for this ?
Haha, yeah there is a few reasons. Firstly I take a long time to finish music that I actually like and am happy with. Secondly, I have been touring a lot and adapting to this kind of lifestyle. Thirdly I have been working on my album also (which is not going to be a 4/4 dance album) whilst working on some new singles at the same time. So its all taking a bit longer, but mainly because im balancing a lot of things all at once.

You are mostly known for your DJing skills, but have you ever considered starting a live set ?
Yeah hopefully with the album its something I would like to perform in a live sense. But for me im hesitant to just do a live set with a laptop or something. I come from playing guitar in bands, working in professional studios recording jazz and folk growing up. So it would be great if I did it more from a band point of view, singing, playing guitars+keyboards etc… I think live music should be spontaneous, where musicians feed off each other, so its always different and new. But its something I will have to experiment with im sure.

What other projects do you have in the pipeline ?
The other focus at the moment is my night Bedlam. Which we (me and my manager) have been doing in Kent, south of england. Its been going so great! We have had previous guests like Cassy, Matthias Tanzmann, Audiofly, Lee Burridge, 2000 & one, M.a.n.d.y. and Martin Buttrich. We are also taking it london now, with our first party in March Headlined by Art Department!

Who are the DJs and producers that you like and that inspire you at the moment ?
Wow there are so many! I think my always favourite has to be Matthias Tanzmann. For his own productions, his label and especially his Djing. Other artists Im loving at the moment are Amir, Maceo Plex, Tanner Ross, Luca Albano, No One, Guti and SECT. These are just the ones I remember right now anyway haha.

You have played in Paris on the 11th of March for a Get Physical night with Siopis and Audiofly… What do you think of this city regarding its nightlife ?
Yeah I really like it! I have payed quite a few times now in Paris, in different places. They each have different crowds and vibes. I think you can never tell how it will turn out in Paris, so it can be unexpected. But vie always enjoyed it anyway.

Thanks Tim !


Download here : (TAL037) Tim Green – Small Hours Of The Morning Mix Vol. 2

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