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Hi Solomun ! How was your summer, what did you do ?
Well, we had some nice open air parties and festivals in Europe and we did a big Brazil tour in August with Stimming and H.O.S.H., for the label’s fifth year. We had 4 gigs at D-Edge or at the Sunday in Rio.

This year, your label Diynamic is blowing its fifth candle, recently celebrated with your 50th release. With hindsight, what comes out of these five years ? Results are quite positive, aren’t they ?
It feels so good and we are all very proud of it. We’ve been going along for a while now, and we grew all together. This is almost a gift, we are some kind of a big family. We get lots of love and positive feedback, more than we actually need…

For this occasion, you started a worldwide tour few months ago. How is it going ? Nice parties I assume ? As a french guy, I noticed there is going to be a gig in Montpellier, but nothing in our capital… Any plans for a Diynamic night in Paris ?
We made lots of great and outstanding parties, and there are more to come. I played with David August at the Showcase in Paris few months ago, and the party was very good too. The club owners were so satisfied that we decided to come again and have our 5 years party there, on November 12th, with Stimming, H.O.S.H., David August and myself.

I’ve read somewhere that you’ve launched your own club in Hamburg, the « Ego Club ». Can you tell us a little more about this? Where did that idea come from ?
Me and my label partner Adriano started 7 years ago our own monthly party in Hamburg, called “DIY”. At that time we always dreamt that we had our own nightclub, so this was the logical next step. Two years ago we had the chance to rent the Ego and we took it. We are more than happy and thankful about how the people love the club and how good it’s running. Sure, we have very good friendships with lots of artists and some of them only want to play at our club… And it’s nice to hear people like Gadi Mizrahi and Nicolas Jaar say to DJ Mag that we are one of the top 3 clubs in the world for them.

Why have you chosen Hamburg instead of Berlin? Is it because of the lifestyle ?
I grew up in Hamburg and I love to live here. This is my city!

Every big German city has its music, its labels, and generally the club that goes with it. BPitch and Tresor in Berlin, Gigolo in Munich, Playhouse and the Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, Kompakt in Cologne, etc… According to you, can we say the same thing for Diynamic and Hamburg ?
As I said before, me and Adriano started to throw parties in Hamburg about 7 years ago. So we have been part of Hamburg’s scene for about 7 or 8 years. At that time, about 5 years ago we started our label and and it got bigger and more famous throughout the time. Actually we have this nice club since 2 years and our residents are H.O.S.H., David August and myself. Besides that we have great performers coming to play at Ego like Smallville, Jakob Seiensticker from Wareika, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, who play every 3 months, at Ego only.
Everything is going well, and people are quite happy to have this club in Hamburg.

DJ, producer, promoter, club manager, you’ve got many hats. But in the end, who is Solomun… ? Which part of your works do you enjoy the most ?
Haha. When you say this it looks like I’m very busy. I have to admit that it is sometimes not so easy to bring it all together, but managing is everything. I have a great partner who takes care of the label work mostly. We have two other people who work for us in the office, for both the label and the club. My sister also helps me to run the club, she takes care of the bar and logistics stuff… And she’s there every weekend. So I have enough time to produce music. Sometimes!
I also play almost every weekend. I have to take care of me, that’s the most important thing. We have done everything step by step. I also get some various offers, but I already have enough to deal with.

You just launched a Diynamic sub-label called 2DIY4. Why is that ? A new artistic insight ?
It is some kind of a new playground, more experimental than Diynamic. The first EP was more of an homage edit EP. The second, released in August, is quite the same. But for the third EP we will release two tracks from an indie/pop band, so it’s going to be very different.

Two years after the release of your first album, which was quite well received and got really good reviews, are you planning on a second album or you’re not put to it for now ?
Haha, it’s already been two years… At the moment I don’t feel like working on my second album. Perhaps the end of next year should be a good time to start with it, I don’t know.

Is there any particular production or releases that you are particularly proud of ?
I’m proud of almost, every of my tracks. Because every track is a period of my life, musically speaking. I’m very happy about the recent releases and remixes I’ve done.

Recently we saw you signing a track on Crosstown Rebels’ sublabel Rebellion. How come you ended up on this label ? Was that a one-shot or do you have other releases planned on Rebellion ?
Honestly, I didn’t plan to release this track, because of the vocal samples. When I finished the track, I only sent it to some dj friends I know and have exchange with. Damian was one of them and he was going crazy about this track. At that time he planned to launch the new label, but in the beginning we both didn’t know if we were going to release it digitally. I was also a bit afraid at that time, so I didn’t want to release it on my own label. But it seems like today we are still playing on the underground scene, that a few people seem to care about…

What are your main musical influences ? What artists do you really like at the moment ?
I grew up with funk, soul, new jack swing and 80’s stuff. Then later I came closer to house music. Besides that, I have my Croatian-Bosnian roots, so during my family meetings I also get to hear folk music, country music. These songs are full of pain, love and passion.

Please tell us about the future Diynamic releases !
The next Diynamic 51 is a split EP from Stimming and me. We both have a vocal and a dub track. Then an interesting coop is coming from Ost & Kjex vs. dOP… very sexy music! And also a release from David August and Uner.

What else do you have in the pipeline for 2011 ?
Besides my next EP on Diynamic, I will release an EP on Supernature, which is Audiofly and Joris Voorn’s label. And also a bunch of remixes for Digitalism, Kraak & Smaak feat Romanthony, Crazy P, DJ T. and Audiojack.

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