My first question won’t be very original: could you quickly introduce yourself for those who don’t know you yet?
3 channels aka Catz ‘n Dogz or Grzegorz Demianczuk & Wojciech Taranczuk. We’ve been making music and deejaying together for almost 7 years.
We grew up in Wojciech, Poland, and since 2 years we are living in Berlin.

So you recently came back from your US/Mexico tour, how was it?
Oh my we had soooo much fun!
We were there for 3 weeks touring all over the US and Mexico. That was our 5th tour there and surely the best ever.
We already had a lot of friends all over the States, so everywhere we went, we were in good hands. Also, there is always a couple of places that we can’t wait to come back to, by the way if San Francisco was in Europe we would definitely move there ! The thing is it’s just too far away!

You released records on some of the leading underground dance music labels, like Get Physical, Mothership or Crosstown Rebels… How does it feel to appear on so many great labels in such a short time?
It feels really good and especially because we never even thought about it before. We were just doing what we wanted to do… And somehow, people liked it. At the beginning we had a radio show and we were organizing parties, inviting friends, putting tons of posters all over the city etc.
But nothing has really changed, because no matter on which level you are, you have to work just as hard. Six years ago we had to pin 1000 posters, now we have to answer 1000 emails. We really love what we do, I know it sounds cheesy and not really original but it’s true.

How would you compare your new album and the first one, what did you wanted to accomplish in both of them?
The new album is totally different, you can here it from the first track, every single track on the album is a result of our travelling, parties and people we came across. You can hear a lot of different influences from Soul/Hip-Hop to House or even Dubstep.
First when we showed the album to our friends they were really surprised about the sound. And also, a lot of people that knew us since we started producing were pretty shocked, but that was what we wanted to do, so we were quite happy!
It’s always strange because at the beginning you plan something, and then in the end the result is totally different… Maybe it’s because we are easily getting bored with doing one and only thing. Many people say that the lack of concept is our concept, i think it is kind of true… It’s the same with life actually, you can make plans but then there are always some circumstances and you have to change your plans. Making an album is always a challenge.

One of the things that struck me is that there really is a lot of singing and other vocal samples in your tracks… So I was wondering why do you like to put so much singing in your music? Is there a particular role vocal samples should act according to you?
You know what? It’s really funny you are asking this because after my first listening of our album I though the exact same thing! Working with vocal gives you this creativity that no instrument can provide. Also listening to the vocal does something special in your mind. You know when you are really young, the first voice you hear is your mother’s, when she is singing to you or talking with you even if you don’t understand her. So we feel like vocals touch you deep inside yourself. A lot of vocals on our album are very filtered, cut and effected, you can do so much with vocals!

You had several collaborations with dOP, how did you meet these guys and decided to work together?
Oh that was already few years ago and it was very simple. We really liked their track « No passport » I think it was released on Eklo.
We just wrote to them to say we really liked their tracks and after few more emails/parties/shots of vodka we became more and more friends.
They are very interesting people, if you haven’t met them yet you really should! They are like true rock’n’roll-house artists!
Working with them is always a pleasure and they always add this amazing live feeling to our music.

I think you and dOP have a lot of things in common, you even used to be three members (just like them) when you were producing as 3 Channels…How would you compare yourself to dOP?
It’s true that there are a lot of similarities, and they also have East European roots. The big difference is they are serious musicians and we are just some dudes with a computer and old Aiwa speakers.

I also heard you had a secret project with Soul Clap going on…can you tell us a little more about it?
I met Charlie and Eli a while ago after they did their Wommack & Wommak edit, our friend Till gave this edit to us and introduced us to each other.
After that they stayed at my place in Berlin for a couple of weeks and after Kebab we decided to make some music, short sessions became sessions till 6am.
I love those guys, they know a lot about 80s and 90s music and when we were doing stuff together we learned a lot from them because they have a totally different view on things than everybody else, maybe that’s why they are becoming so famous now. The tracks we did together will be out soon on Glass Table. We are supposed to make more tracks together but there is always no time because of our and their gigs.

You have your own label called Pets Recordings, what should we expect from it in the future?
We are trying to release as much polish ratios as we can. We don’t like to make any musician concept of the label, we are just releasing stuff that we like. Our friends Pol_On and SLG already did some stuff for us and we are listening to a lot of demos. Actually, there are so much young producers at the moment that I don’t know when we’re going to release everything… Supra1, Viadrina, Jackname Trouble, Martin Nowakowski these are only a few names for the next couple of months. We really like to release music because I remember when we were starting, the first push is the most important, when you release your first record you are starting to believe in yourself more and more and the happier you are, the more creative you get.

What is your opinion about emerging Polish electronic artists like Pol_On or SLG, who are actually signed on your label?
Everything we would say about them would be really subjective because we know those guys since ages, we played at so many parties together that it’s even hard to count them. One thing I can say: They are super talented people and I know they are planning some dope releases in the next couple of months!
They put a huge impact in Polish electronic scene. Mike from Pol_On was organizing parties with big names before most of the producers in Poland heard something about minimal… Also Lukas (SLG) was one of the first who was releasing tracks on big labels. If we are talking about Poland we have to mention also Jacek Sienkiewicz, when I wasn’t even 18 years old he already had his own album on Cocoon.

Apart from that, what other EDM artists impress you at the moment?
Currently we are listening to a lot of music from the UK: Ramadanman, James Blake… But on the other hand some disco edits like Mark E or Todd Terje.
There is a lot of good stuff around, for example while answering this interview I’m listening to Jamie XX’s mix for Colette 10… I think this is like the fifth time I listen to it in two days…

Your new album is influenced by many different genres, so I was wondering what kind of music influence you the most/what music do you listen? Could you name some of your all-time classic albums?
Notorius BIG, Common, Anthony and the Johnson, Quiet Village, Reclose the old one on Planet E; these are the only few that came to my mind in this second.

You guys moved to Berlin, right ? I’ve never been there, but I see all DJs and producers are going there…Is everything really that better in Berlin than in other places?
I live in Berlin and Gregory lives in Poland (Szczecin), our hometown, which is only 1h30 by car so he is in Berlin quite often when we work on music or just going out with friends.
The brutal truth about Berlin is : yes that’s true, right now it’s the best city to live if you like electronic music. There is no other city in Europe where you can go party or go to gallery or concert or whatever from Monday to Monday, food is cheap, rent is low, you can meet here people from all over the world. Also there are a lot of parties where you can really play whatever you want because people are really open-minded. Of course there are some minuses about Berlin but there is so many pluses that it’s meaningless to talk about the bad parts!

What are your projects for the future? Lot of touring I guess?
YES! Album tour. We are making few album release parties in Poland and also one in Watergate with Vonstroke and Justin Martin. We are planning another US/Mexico tour and also Australian tour to finish. We are working hard on our new graphic for the label and all the releases too, there is always a lot of stuff to do so we are focusing only on this for the next 3-4 months and let’s see what time will bring…

Is there something you would like to add before we finish this interview?
MIAUUU …. hm mmm actually I should say WOOOF because people say I’m the dog and Gregory is the cat.

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